Feature Highlights

Loadboard with Deadhead

Simple Deadhead Estimate

Enter your origin address and Freight2Cash Loadboard will automatically calculate the deadhead for each load result. 

See load distance on a map

Advanced Mapping For Loads

See the origin and destination distance visually on an interactive map for better convenience.  

Lots of Load Information

Lots of Important Information

Find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and easily. We’ll provide you with lots of important data to best optimize your profits.

Payment Insights

Be Better Informed

Most loads will have a credit score and days-to-pay (DTP) value so you can make  better informed decisions. 



Learn More!

What is an accounts receivable factoring company?

An accounts receivable factoring (or invoice factoring) company helps you turn your invoices into working capital using your receivable accounts as collateral. At AeroFund Financial, we have over 30 years of experience with helping companies in many industries to manage their cash flow through factoring.

Factor Your Freight Bills

Serving the transportation industry since 1987!

  • Same Day Funding Available
  • Email or Fax Freight Bills for Funding
  • Free 24/7 Credit Checks on your Customers / Brokers
  • No Personal Credit Checking on Owner
  • Fuel Advances / Fuel Cards

Why Factor?

Improve your Cash Flow

  • Meet rising fuel costs
  • Pay your drivers
  • Cover expenses

Full Bookkeeping Services

  • 24/7 online tracking and reporting
  • Free credit checking
  • Full collection services

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Offices coast-to-coast
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Your own personal account executive
  • Fast, friendly, and professional service

And… Fuel Cards!